No manners at the cinema watching Pixar film Inside Out…..

Ok so i treated the family to an ad hoc cinema visit last night to watch Inside Out by Disney/Pixar.  Liam was itching to see it and to my surprise so was Dylan, So after a few burgers at home we hop into the family wagon and drove the 3 mins to the local multi-screen cinema, could have walked but rain was forecast. Screen 5 was our destination after being stung for €50 for 4 tickets and some treats we headed on into the screen and found we were first. True to form we all headed to the back row near center seats and settled in to watch every one arrive and just have a quite chat. InsideOut556500e6a2be0-2040.0

Now a little back story, when i was a kid if i learned nothing else it’s that you must have manners, as the saying goes “manners maketh man”. Quite often, daily in fact manners were instilled at an early age and hands up i used to think ” what the hell is this, just give me the drink…..” or whatever. I will admit however that between my mum and both sets of grandparents they persisted with us and got us to appreciate good manners are the very core of being a good person.  The very same manners I and my partner pass onto our two boys, we work very hard to make sure at all times they have manners and always have done. It has come back to us from school and friends just how well mannered they both are, always minding the P’s & Q’s, holding doors, and in general being very polite young boys.

Back to the film night and both myself and wife are sitting talking minding our own business when two kids around 8 yrs old come barging past us with not so much as a “Excuse me” or “sorry for kicking you” between them. We grumble and comment but let it pass. 10 mins later another 5 yr old girl comes again barging past and stamps over the wife’s feet and parks herself beside what we assume to be the bigger brothers. Again no excuse me please or anything, however mum and dad were close by and I had to comment as did the lady wife. Both parent stop to ask if there is a problem and we state that both sets of kids come storming past barge us out the way, stomp on feet and no manners anywhere, the reply “well there only kids…..” – Stunned was not the word.  “there only kids – she’s only 5”  is no excuse. My reply was a polite but curt “I have a 5yr old beside me, he has impeccable manners and not only would excuse himself but would say sorry if he knocked off someone when passing” To say we were shot a look of pure and utter disgust was an understatement.

To be fair kids will be kids, mine are by no means perfect but we really do make sure manners are no. 1 on the list of life lessons. Its not the kids fault maybe excited at being in the cinema etc… so you can make an allowance but to have parents whose  attitude so say there kids so what do you expect is not on. I hope at some stage those kids do learn a few more manners along the way or they could be facing a real backlash from someone else.

Mini rant over……….

The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any.

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