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Right lets get this out of the way – I love my games, have been a gamer for years, since I got the Amiga really. So after many months of debating the pro’s and cons or getting an XBox one i decided to take the plunge a couple months back. Progress so far…..

So in short i wanted a few things from my “next gen” gaming system. Some of the things i wanted to consider:-

  1. Must be able to play games……DUH
  2. Handle multiple movie formats for streaming movies
  3. Netflix
  4. Fitness application
  5. Become the media hub of the front room/living room

So having a PS4 for a while this was just not cutting the mustard, gaming wise yeah it was 1080p hdmi connection to the TV was great but it was limited in its streaming abilities to certain file formats – way too restrictive.  Netflix worked, as did the Sky TV App – although being in Ireland it persist in picking up UK channel list then tells you it cannot stream as outside the UK…..poor app management and IP location awareness.

So after migrating the PS4 to the kids bedroom i bought a used XBox One with Kinect camera and controller. to say i was impressed is an understatement, Netflix, direct streaming of pretty much all file formats from desktop PC to the XB1 – Fitness apps galore – as a bonus it has voice control which i am using more and more such as “Xbox On, Xbox volume up, xbox goto Netflix” . the set up i have is as follows:-

  • Sky box into Xbox One via HDMI
  • Xbox One into TV via HDMI
  • surround Sound connected to XBox One vie optical

When i say Xbox On it turns on the Xbox, sky box, surround Sound and TV – sets channel to TV and we are ready to go, perfect.

so after the home media hub was complete i picked up a couple of games.

Project Cars, Forza 5, PES2015 – not many but given i can only play for an hour or so on the odd evening its plenty to keep me going, By the way if you want to hook up with my gamer acc add me as a friend Brookie1974.





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