Where to start?

Ok so my first post and where to start,  Oohh i know, fitness. A little while ago i was recorded playing football with Dylan (12), apart from showing me up with his fleet of foot it was pointed out to me by Mrs Working Dad that i was looking a little shall I say…. fat! 

You know what the first issues with this is – she could say that to me but if it was the other way around i would be shot and spend the rest of eternity on the couch, still i took it on the chin and in the gut that maybe I could do with losing a few pounds.  April 2015 i decided off the back of a my best friend to get back to running again. 30 mins, distance not important but must run 30 mins, I decided that before i start work I would run in the morning so off i went and covered 4km. Not bad so my goal is 5km in 30 mins. 3 months and 2st lighter i am running avg of 5km in 24 mins.

great start but now i find myself lacking motivation, I would love to do a marathon but need a training partner, someone to kick me in the backside when i feel lazy to keep me going. hopefully i can find one for 2016 marathon as i want to run either London or Dublin……

On another level i noticed that the more i was running the fitter i became i had less of a tendency to eat rubbish food, I would have had nothing for breakfast, nice big round of white bread sandwiches for lunch, maybe bag of crisps on occasion or a bar of chocolate (Terry orange). Now it’s different and not with me deliberately trying but on a subconscious level, porridge for breakfast, tuna fish with lite salad for lunch, no crisp or bars and lots of water. The weight fell off me and my energy is much much better. Even start the Xbox One Mossa fitness video – dam near killed me the first time, a 30 min session and got a whole 5 mins in before i packed up. 6 times later now can manage the whole program. The good lady wife is also taking part and toning up.

I suppose its about looking after myself now I am in my 40’s. Making sure that as my body is starting to slow a little that i do my part in not piling on the weight and keeping fit in order to make an effort and show Dylan and Liam that dad can still run and play sports, can kick a ball around and run after them both without falling over half dead.  Now to find a running partner… any willing takers?



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