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Hello everyone and welcome to the Diary of a Working Dad, the first question we hear you shout is “what is diary of a working dad?” Well in short I am a dad who work’s and and find that it’s bloody hard work being a good dad in the 21st century. Being a little bit tech savvy I thought why not share my daily diary of life being a modern dad,  how hard it is? what we do for our kids and family, how we work, maybe a little on  gaming, tech stuff, and all manner of things, including the good lady wife.

I will post often on all manner of subjects and if you want to join in the discussion then post away. Most of the post’s will be light hearted and some maybe be of a more serious nature, some will make you laugh (I hope) and some maybe sad. I will post about frustrations on being a dad, being in large and small families, being tight for cash, have a little extra money, planning family events, attending family events, in short a diary of life as a working dad.

We hope you enjoy our little site and if you do please share through our social links.

Thanks from The Working Dad….



The Working Dad

The Working Dad

The Working Dad is a regular guy called Darren, Working as a senior manager for a leading NGO I have two kids and happily married. This is my blog about the life and times of being a dad today..
The Working Dad

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